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With road accidents and pollution increasing in the city of Noida, India, the Chetu Foundation partnered with the Jagriti Leela Memorial Foundation and the Noida Traffic Police to organize a motorbike rally to encourage people to follow traffic rules and advise residents to not be careless while driving. The rally, which drew large youth participation, aimed to guide commuters about new traffic rules & regulations, environmental sustainability, COVID-19 precautions and the Challan System to increase public safety and reduce commotion on the roads.  The bike rally was hosted at the Police Chowki, opposite GIP Mall, Noida on November 26th, 2020.

In attendance was Mr. Ravinder Vasisht, Traffic Incharge, Gautam Buddh Nagar, who advised people to not travel without a mask, maintain social distancing and carry sanitization kits to curb the spread of COVID-19. Also, he discussed the importance of checking on the vehicle to reduce stress on the environment and reduce increasing pollution. Mrs. Kummu Joshi Bhatnagar, Founder Jagriti Leela Memorial Foundation further emphasized intensive checks and strict regulations on people violating traffic rules, and Director of Human Resources at Chetu, Saurabh Pawar stressed the importance of the continued education of traffic rules in the community.

Learning Session with Noida Traffic Police 

While the modernization of society has allowed automotive mobility to rapidly increase, so too has the nuisance of traffic congestion on our roads. These daily traffic jams waste time on a colossal scale, increase pollution, as well as result in increased road accidents. Most of these daily commuters are just people traveling to their workplace, just seeking to provide for themselves and their families. As such, the Chetu Foundation also partnered with the Noida Traffic Police to guide and educate Chetu’s own employees on the latest traffic rules and regulations to help promote safer roads and healthier communities. Mr. Ashutosh Singh, Noida Traffic Inspector and Rakesh Singh, Head Traffic Constable, Noida addressed the employees at Chetu’s Noida delivery centers and discussed the importance of driving safely and following the traffic rules to avoid mishaps.

Chetu employees were informed about the new traffic rules and were apprised about different road signs, essential things for driving license tests and guided them to slow down at the places listed as “black spots” by Noida Traffic police

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